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​SOCON 2014 Keynote Speaker

Lance Strate

"So You Want to Change the World?  

A Hitchhiker's Guide to Subversive Thinking”

4pm Saturday Sept 27th
​Grand Ballroom - Trump Taj Mahal Casino Hotel
Atlantic City New Jersey USA

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Ingress is a mobile interactive, alternate reality game, available for free download on Android smartphones, and was the Top Game of 2013 at Google Play Player's Choice Awards.

Ingress players all over the world have been meeting online and in real life to complete "missions." Ingress players in the Atlantic City area during the 3 day weekend September 26 thru 28, will have the chance to meet other Ingress players and experience the game with advanced level players who are happy to coach and assist others in learning the game.

Michelle Tomko

 received a BFA from Kent State University. Following that she was a member of the apprentice company at the Actor  Theatre of Louisville. Unfortunately the majority of many of Michelle's post-graduate roles included the line "fries with that?" 

Michelle has performed in Atlantic City at Showboat in Tony and Tina's Wedding and Finnegan's Wake, and at Resorts in Michelle Tomko

"I Won Nothing." She had a radio show on Cruisin 92.1 WVLT in Vineland. And she continues to play in any club that has good chicken fingers.

Michelle Tomko

7pm Saturday Sept 27th 

Trump Taj Mahal Grand Ballroom 

PJ Shirdan

Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach
Saturday Sept 27th 
Trump Taj Mahal Grand Ballroom


"So You Want to Change the World? A Hitchhiker's Guide to Subversive Thinking"

Whether you're an activist, or an entrepreneur, an amateur or a professional, an executive or a volunteer, chances are there are things about the world, or things about your world, that you want to change. But change doesn't always come easy, and when it does, it often doesn't work out quite the way we wanted it to. And while there are no guarantees in life, developing successful strategies for change begins with subversive thinking, with adopting new ways of talking about the world, of perceiving and understanding the environments we live and operate within. This talk will introduce some of the most important and useful methods for subversive thinking, based on the fields of general semantics and media ecology.